Raahen Tase provides training in business administration. We can tailor our training to meet your specific needs or we can work as partners with other training providers.

Company-specific training might be in order when you have new financial administration personnel or software. In this case, we offer expert training in business administration to your staff or teach your key personnel how to use the new software. Raahen Tase also improves the business administration skills of entrepreneurs by offering training in financial documentation and tax management.

For training providers, Raahen Tase offers tailored, comprehensive training packages in financial and business administration, depending on the client’s needs. The theme can be, for example, tax or financial document management for entrepreneurs or bookkeeping. Our managing director, Tarja Leino, has provided training for enterprises as well as PSK Adult Education Centre and Raahen porvari- ja kauppakoulu business school. She is also responsible for the planning and content of training events.